If there is a family history of certain eye conditions, or if we find anything out of the ordinary during your eye examination, you may need additional tests such as a visual field examination or digital retinal photography.

To record these findings, the results are much more detailed if there is a photograph to refer to. I am sure you have heard the saying “that a picture is worth more than a thousand words”

To quote our optometrist manager Margaret Knapman:

“Digital retinal imaging is my preferred method for evaluating the inside of the eye because it’s a permanent record and I have it to compare against in the future. “

What is involved?

Digital Retinal Photography is a simple, painless procedure that can aid in the detection and management of potential sight threatening diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension and macular degeneration.

If required, your optometrist will suggest taking a digital photograph of the back of your eye (retina).

This photograph records the current state of your retina, optic nerve and blood vessels. This image, if compared with previous images, will show any subtle changes in appearance which can allow for the early detection of diseases.

Can I see the result?

Yes, ask your optometrist to show you the image of the inside of your eye!

Digital Retinal Photography – no cost to HCF Members

The HCF More for Eyes Program entitles eligible HCF members to digital retinal imaging at no cost to the member as well as a range of no-gap glasses from HCF Eyecare, depending on your level of cover and the availability of your benefit. it’s just another way HCF gives you more.