For better or worse, digital devices have changed the way we receive and process information. This digital age has increased the stress we place on our eyes.

The Vision Council of America estimates that 6 out of every 10 of adults experience digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers and TV screens.

Digital eye strain can be reduced using custom lenses that neutralise high energy blue light making it more like natural light thereby minimising visual stress and eye fatigue.

Text on digital device.
  • Increase text size to better define the content on your screen.
High energy Blue Light emitted from digital screens.
  • Use computer eyewear complete with high energy Blue Light blocking lenses.
Time spent staring at the screen.
  • To relax the eyes: every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break, look at something in the distance and blink 20 times.
Work station distance and set up.
  • When using a computer, sit in your chair and extend your arm. Your palm should rest comfortably on the monitor.
  • Adjust your viewing angle so that you are looking down to the device or screen and never upwards.
  • Angle the screen away from glare sources such as windows.
Existing vision issues.
  • Computer eyewear can be tailored to be occupational lenses or progressive lenses.
Dry eye.
  • Make an effort to blink more often.
  • Use ocular lubricants to moisten the eye.

Consider computer glasses with high energy Blue Light blocking lenses to be like safety glasses. In a factory you would wear safety glasses to protect your eyes, but you wouldn’t wear them when you went out socially with friends.